Helium 10 Pricing 2024 – Which Plan Is Better?

If you’re an Amazon seller looking to level up your business, chances are you’ve heard of Helium 10 – the all-in-one software suite transforming the ecommerce landscape. But with a range of pricing plans, it can be tricky to know which is best for your needs. 

In this guide, I’ll explain all the Helium 10 pricing structures and explore each plan in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Helium 10 Pricing: In a Nutshell

Here’s a quick rundown of the key takeaways from this article:

  • Helium 10 offers free and three paid plans starting from $39 per month.
  • The Starter plan is great for beginners, the Platinum plan is ideal for growing businesses, and the Diamond plan caters to advanced sellers.
  • Helium 10 also offers a custom “Supercharge Your Brand” plan for enterprises with unique requirements.
  • Exclusive discounts and an annual billing option can help you save on your Helium 10 subscription.

Helium 10 Pricing Details

Helium 10 has a diverse range of pricing plans to cater to Amazon sellers of all sizes and experience levels. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Supercharge Your BrandCustomN/A
Helium 10 Pricing Details

1. Free Plan

The Helium 10 Free plan is a great way for newcomers to get a taste of the platform’s features without any financial commitment. With the Free plan, users have limited access to core tools like Black Box, Trendster, and Xray.

  • The usage limits for these tools are quite restrictive, with only 20-lifetime uses of Black Box, 30 days of Trendster access, and demos of Cerebro and Magnet.
  • However, users can use 30-day free trials for more advanced features like Frankenstein, Scribbles, Inventory Management, and Profits.
  • The Free plan best suits those who want to explore Helium 10 and its capabilities before upgrading to a paid subscription.

2. Starter Plan ($39/month Or $29/month Annually)

The Starter plan is the entry-level paid option, providing users with full access to essential Helium 10 tools.

  • With the Starter plan, you get unlimited use of the Xray tool, allowing you to analyze product data on Amazon and Walmart pages.
  • Users also receive 2 daily uses each of Cerebro (for reverse ASIN lookup) and Magnet (for keyword research).
  • The Starter plan includes the Freedom Ticket training course, valued at $997, which covers essential Amazon FBA knowledge.
  • One limitation of the Starter plan is that it only allows you to track a single marketplace (either Amazon or Walmart) and provides a single-user login.
  • This plan is ideal for beginners who are just starting their Amazon selling journey and want to leverage Helium 10’s core features.

3. Platinum Plan ($99/month Or $79/month Annually)

The Helium 10 Platinum plan is the most popular option, offering a well-rounded set of tools and features for growing Amazon businesses.

  • With the Platinum plan, you get unlimited access to the entire suite of Helium 10 tools, including Black Box, Cerebro, Magnet, Frankenstein, and Scribbles.
  • Users can track up to 500 keywords, monitor 300 ASINs, and send 5,000 monthly follow-up emails.
  • The Platinum plan also allows for two Seller Central account connections, making it suitable for sellers managing multiple Amazon stores.
  • In addition to the core tools, the Platinum plan includes the Freedom Ticket training course.
  • This plan is best suited for intermediate-level Amazon sellers who want to take advantage of Helium 10’s full capabilities to scale their business.

4. Diamond Plan ($279/month Or $229/month Annually)

The Diamond plan is Helium 10’s most extensive and powerful offering, designed for advanced Amazon sellers and agencies.

  • With the Diamond plan, users can access all of Helium 10’s tools, including the high-usage ones like Black Box, Cerebro, and Magnet.
  • The usage limits are significantly higher, allowing you to track up to 2,500 keywords, monitor 600 ASINs, and send 15,000 monthly follow-up emails.
  • The Diamond plan supports up to 5 user logins and 5 Seller Central account connections, making it ideal for teams and agencies managing multiple Amazon stores.
  • The Diamond plan includes the core tools, the Freedom Ticket training course, and access to the Adtomic PPC automation tool.
  • This plan is tailored for expert-level Amazon sellers and those who need to manage high-volume operations across various marketplaces.

5. Supercharge Your Brand (Custom Pricing)

Helium 10 offers a custom “Supercharge Your Brand” plan for enterprises and large-scale Amazon sellers with unique requirements.

  • This high-end solution provides even more advanced features and significantly higher usage limits.
  • Users can track up to 10,000 keywords, monitor 5,000 ASINs, and access up to 25 user logins and 25 Seller Central account connections.
  • The Supercharge Your Brand plan also includes premium services like managed refund processing and in-depth product metrics for up to 5,000 ASINs.
  • To access this plan, users must schedule a demo with the Helium 10 team to discuss their business needs and requirements.
  • This custom plan is tailored for enterprise-level Amazon sellers and businesses requiring the highest functionality and support from the Helium 10 platform.

Helium 10 “A La Carte” Plan

In addition to the standard pricing plans, Helium 10 offers an “A La Carte” option. This allows users to build a customized plan by selecting individual tools and features rather than being locked into a predefined package.

The A La Carte pricing is as follows:

  • Black Box: $39 per month
  • Cerebro: $39 per month
  • Keyword Tracker: $59 per month
  • Magnet: $39 per month
  • Alerts: $39 per month
  • Refund Genie: $99 per month
  • Xray: $19 per month
  • Profits: $39 per month

While this approach provides more flexibility, choosing one of Helium 10’s predefined plans is generally more cost-effective, as the A La Carte pricing often exceeds the total cost of the higher-tier plans.

Helium 10 Add-Ons

Helium 10 also offers a range of add-on features that can be combined with any of the standard pricing plans:

Helium 10 Add-OnMonthly PricePurpose
Adtomic$199PPC management tool for Amazon and Walmart
Elite$99Exclusive training, networking, and mentorship
Market Tracker 360$500Advanced market intelligence, competitor analysis, and business performance insights
Users$29 per userAdditional user seat 
Keyword Tracker$19Expanded keyword tracking features
Tokens$49To connect more Amazon Seller Central accounts

These add-ons can be a valuable investment for sellers looking to enhance their Helium 10 experience further and expand their Amazon business.

Current Helium 10 Discounts: Is There Any?

Users can get a 25% discount on purchasing any Helium 10 subscription annually. 

As a bonus, new and existing users can apply our exclusive coupon codes, MC10 and MC20, to get an additional 20% discount on Platinum and Diamond plans. 

MC10: This coupon gives you a 10% discount on monthly purchases for a lifetime 

MC20: With this coupon, you will get a 20% discount for 6 months

Apply these coupon codes to the coupon box on the Helium 10 pricing page and then choose the discounted plan. 

Enter Coupon Code

Which Helium 10 Plan Is Best for Your Business?

Choosing the right Helium 10 plan for your Amazon business boils down to a few key factors:

Business Size and Growth Stage

  • Starter plan for beginners and small-scale sellers
  • Platinum plan for growing businesses and intermediate-level sellers
  • Diamond plan for advanced, high-volume sellers and agencies
  • Supercharge Your Brand for enterprise-level operations

Feature Requirements

  • Free plan for basic tools and product research
  • Starter plan for essential functionality
  • Platinum plan for full access to Helium 10’s core suite of tools
  • Diamond and SYB plans for maximum usage limits and advanced capabilities

Budget and Cost Savings

  • Consider the annual billing option to save up to 25% on your subscription
  • Look for exclusive Helium 10 discounts and coupon codes to further reduce your costs
  • Evaluate the A La Carte plan if you only need a few specific features

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Is There Any Refund Policy On Helium 10 Plans?

Helium 10 offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on your first payment. If you’re unsatisfied with the platform within the first 7 days, you can contact Helium 10’s customer support team to request a full refund.

Conclusion: Helium 10’s Pricing Starts At $39/Month 

Helium 10 provides an enterprise-level business, seasoned seller, or novice all with a plan that can help you reach new heights of success. 

While the pricing starts at $39/month, users can get their Amazon journey started with the free plan itself. This will allow them to pick the right plan for their FBA business. 

Use the mentioned coupon codes to get an additional discount of 20% on monthly Platinum and Diamond plans. 


Can I use Helium 10 for free? 

Helium 10 offers a free plan that provides limited access to its core tools and features. This is an excellent way for newcomers to try out the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

How much does the Helium 10 Diamond plan cost? 

The Helium 10 Diamond plan is priced at $279 per month or $229 per month when billed annually. This comprehensive plan offers full access to all of Helium 10’s tools and features.

Do Helium 10 plans include the Freedom Ticket training course? 

The Starter, Platinum, and Diamond plans all include access to the Freedom Ticket, an award-winning Amazon seller training course valued at $997.

Can I upgrade my Helium 10 plan later on? 

Absolutely. Helium 10 allows you to upgrade your plan as your business needs to evolve easily. You can switch to a higher-tier plan at any time to unlock additional features and capabilities.

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